Wireless uplighting- Battery powered lights

Wireless uplighting- Battery powered lights
In today's era of advanced technologies, selection of a wire-less device is the first priority of the people. Wireless devices are portable and run on batteries which are easily operate and more convenient to use. Same is the case with battery powered up lightning, which is an essential part of every enjoyable wedding ceremony or luxurious night party. Whether you want simple mono-color lightning or multi-color wash on the walls and ceiling, you can select from a wide variety of uplights available in the market.

Why up lighting is created?
Up-lighting is a powerful and effective lighting effect created by placing the LED lights in an order and pointing them upwards to throw light on the opposite wall and ceiling. This can dramatically increases the ambience of the party or wedding thus elevating the moods of the attendants. If it is to be used for dance floor or wedding stage, it is preferable to placed them on the conner or beside the wall / backdrop. In the case, you don't need any light stand or complex wiring connecting.

Benefits of using wireless uplights:
Battery powered wireless uplights have many benefits:
- Portable and easy to setup at anywhere.
- Multi-chip RGBWA UV 6in1 LEDs create rich colors.
- Easy customize any colors
- Both wireless dmx 512 and APP or IR remote control mode
- You can use pre-program patterns of your choice.

Where you can order uplighting?
You can order wireless led up lighting fixtures online easily. There are plenty of companies providing uplighting online but you should prefer the ones who not only provide you quality products but also with technical support service. Quality bulk products in the whole-sale rate and with experienced battery uplights producing knowledge would be your first choice if you are into the business of arranging parties, wedding ceremonies and event production, party rental. Buying a durable setup would help you in your services and save your cost and time.

How can we serve you?
We have a collection of lighting products to cater your needs including wireless battery uplighting as our main product. The main features of wireless uplighting is that it is battery powered, wireless dmx512 and APP and IR remote control mode. A professional or a non-professional person can equally use our led uplighting due to its easy to use APP control features (App support both of IOS and Android system ). Our company, 7Clighting makes it affordable for you to buy a larger number of uplights according to your budget. We ensure smooth delivery of our products and after delivery maintenance services to provide our customers hassle-free experience. We will be more than happy to serve you in the best way possible.