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Chip on Board (COB) is the most recent development in LED technology using chips with multiple diodes .There is no casing with COB technology which enables a much denser LED array of light compared to SMD.

The LED PAR is well established – and could still be developed further with the COB LED PAR. Its distinct feature is the innovative COB lamp. With the COB LED you can have an excellent light quality with an extremely high luminous efficacy. This is due to LED chips which are arranged closely in lines. Extremely brighter and shedding a steady light – these are the COB LEDs. They are also extremely durable and consume very little energy. The modules within the COB LED PARs are very flat and can be used according to your available space. Photo studios, exhibitions, presentations, theatres, museums – just like the LED Studio PAR, the headlight is suitable for all of these indoor locations.

The 7clighting PAR64 COB RGB Spot is a compact wash fixture with latest technology LED source. It offers a high-power light output with rich hues and smooth color mixing for stage and wall washing. The double bracket makes installing easily and versatile.

Due to the special design of the mirror, it is possible to project a wash lighting up to 66 degree's without getting different color shades ore high spots on the projected surface. This effect is great for most applications where you would need an equally divided wash light. Changes to dmx addressing or modes are easy accessible on the back control display.

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