330W 15R Moving Head

330W 15R Moving Head
  • 330W 15R Moving Head

330W Moving Head Light 15R with spot light,wash light and beam lighting effect, 3 in 1 features moving head lighting.

  • Product No.: 7C-MH330A


Product:          330W 15R Moving Head 3IN1
Voltage:          AC110-240V 50/60Hz
Consumption: 350W
Lamp:             YODN 330W,8000k
Life:                1500Hours
Lens:               Anti-reflective coated lens
Output Lux:    10,500lux @ 20 meters
Colors:            14colors + white                      
Gobo wheel:   Rotating Gobo 8 pattern + white
Gobo wheel:   Static Gobo 14 pattern+ white
Prism:             Rotating Prism with 16 prism & 24 prism
Dimmer:         0-100% linear dimmer
Focus:             linear electronic focus
Strobe:            0-13 times/sec, with random stroboscopic
Zoom:             9°~27° linear zoom
Frost:              Stepless frost, 0%-100% linear change frost
DMX:             18/24 Dmx Channel
Control:          DMX512,Master-slave,Sound-activated,Stand-alone
Control Pannel:LCD display
Pan and tilt movement: 8 and 16 bit resolution
Movement:     Pan: 360°/540°optional, Tilt: 270°
N.W.:              23KG
Size:              45x45x55cm


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